Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My PSP on Ebay

So, im out of the business

and my PSP is up for sale.... please help me get enough for an Xbox360

get it here

Sunday, September 04, 2005


No more updates im afraid, ballofodd is taking a break to concentrate on the more important things in life.

Thanks to all the regular visitors and to those who've help make the site run at all.

Take care,


Ill also be listing my PSP in the next day or so on Ebay, if youre interested in buying a slice of history.... click here

Thursday, August 25, 2005

If you dont take your tablets...

You might get worms

But if you want to play the classic tanks style battle game, then Team17 are ready to oblige

Sony launch full euro-wide PSP community portal

so wever got v2.0 what next?

Some musings on what Sony might have in the works

Japanese PSP User survey

Confirms how most of use feel

the psp is for games not movies

wi-fi needs a keyboard

and half of us hasnt picked the thing up for quite a while

Kingdom of Paradise

So whats this pretty little game all about?

Kingdom of Paradise

So whats this pretty little game all about?

X-MAME Updates

Crucial updates for all of those who run the ultimate arcade machine emulator on their PSP

PSIX working on some new toys

Including a new audio player with visualisation

and a camera!

Want to be one of the first?

To get your hands on a UK PSP?

Get in line at one of these midnight launches

A work around for forced update?

A new utility to trick games into thinking you have later firmware than you actually have...

Need for Speead : Most Wanted preview

Yet another hands on with a forthcoming arcade racer

This ones gonna be good - Burnout Legends

IGN give their first impressions on the crash simulator

Namco Museum Battle Collection

Dont like the idea of running an emulator to play classic games for free?

well then Namco will gladly take your cash with another one of their re-hashed collections

Stuck on Death Jr

IGN have an all you need to know guide that will sort you out

Puyo Puyo craziness

Sega to release their classic puzzle, Puyo Puyo Fever 2 on PSP

v2.0 US finally released

What took Sony so long?

remember little johnny if you install this you wont be able to run any homebrew or pirate games...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Fastloader Updated

Now supports more games and allows you to rip your own UMDs to MemoryStick

HandyPSP - a new emulator for you to mess with

This one plays all those classic Atari Lynx games - what a classic....!

check back with the developer regularly if you want updates.


The official UK website

check it out, its kinda cute

You cheating minx...

As action replay comes to PSP

I wonder what other 'benefits' it will bring.....

What makes a bad parent?

Promising things that they cant deliver...

So why do Sony keep putting back the v2.0 release date?

This week you can have your new toy...i promise

Untold Legends 3 a possibility

Sony post details of job position working on the game

Or maybe you just fancy a job as an AI programmer?

Monday, August 22, 2005

Sweet little homebrew game

AirHockey - but can you hit it too hard, send it flying across the arcade section of megabowl and hit a chav on his honeymoon in the back of the head? maybe in the next version

Footie Crazy

Pure as driven snow

Sony start taking pre-orders for their little ski bunner white psp from their official website.

Where is v2.0 for US PSPs?

Further speculation abounds....

Search deal...? Im sorry but i cant infer that, i think the press release is just being general...

Advent Children

Cinema release a few days before UMD/DVD - but its only in Japan

Dont panic - it will be released to buy from 14th September....

I want the lik-sang ultimate pack! - here

Are you trying to Con me?

The Con

First impressions of the spiffy 3d fighter- the first on PSP

Some more from the shows

NBA Live 06 - more than hoop dreams?

X-Men Legend 2 - Rise of the Apocalypse
some excited first impresions

GC Germany

Fired Up - crazy car nonsense due September 1

The Con - 3d fighter first impressions

And some tit bits from the Convention :

Konami press conference gets excited about Metal Gear Acid

PSP press conference leaves the crowd a little disappointed.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Dont like white or black?

Then how about a limited edition silver PSP?

iStation squares up to PSP

with its portable multimedia device - no its doesnt play games like the PSP but it does have DIVx

and quite obviously isnt going to work

Support this site and get free mousemats
Click to get a free mouse pad with free shipping!

Custom skins?

Now you can make your PSP look however you damn well like

Fancy a free mouse mat? Visit
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and support this site

More details on the Euro Launch

Sony are promising ten launch titles of their own plus "loads" of third party and 30 UMD movies

But 8.1 million units in Germany?

Fancy a free mouse mat? Visit
Click to get a free mouse pad with free shipping!
and support this site

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Some screenshots over here :

Should wet your sourcerous appetite

Odd looking contraption...

New memory stick adapter allows you to use old school stick duo cards

Its show time (again) GC in Germany and KBBQ somewhere else?

Please support this site by visiting the links under the banner

Games Convention - A whole loada previews...

Ape Academy - those crazy apes are back again...

Medievil - hacking and slashing platform fun

Pursuit Force - classic arcade racer - man this is a blast from the past

F1 Grand Prix - needs no introduction

And a bit about all the most familiar games weve already seen.

KBBQ - also strutting some serious gaming stuff

Ys - I have no idea about this game but apparantly its a classic

Metal Gear Acid 2 - please please please be more than a glorified card game...

Winning Eleven 9 - footballing nirvana? its god to be better than FIFA and WTS

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

EA going global?

Four of its new releases will feature online multiplay...

Madden NFL 06

+ two more yet to be named - ahem* NFL & NBA perhaps?

How many accessories do you need?

In case you were missing some...

Pinpoint have now entered the fray

Free Graphic Novel!

Actually not sure if it is free...

NYC2123: Dayender - is what its called, looks a big Frank Miller style....

Death Jr now on sale

Loads of Screenshots and Previews banging about

As we approach the EU launch date a lot of the big games sites have some nice in-depth preview impressions going on

Marvel Nemesis

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06

Lord of the Rings Tactics


NFL Street 2 Unleashed

Get ready for more Euro rip-offs

Sandisk have shipped their special gaming Memory Pro Duo memory cards to EU retailers ahead of the launch

I wonder how much more these are gonna be than buying from an importer?

BTW : this seems good for 58GBP plus shipping